Acclaimed Lebanese artist Melhem Zein originally from Baalbeck- is performing this summer at the Baalbeck Festival in a long-awaited concert (which was previously postponed due to the pandemic).

Nicknamed “Al Rayyes” by his fans, in acknowledgement of his great talent and powerful vocals, Melhem Zein is considered one of the most beautiful and iconic Arab voices. He has performed at the Carthage International Festival, the Jerash International Festival, Lefheis in Jordan, the Mawazine Festival in Morocco, the Cairo Opera, and at the Damascus International Festival.

Melhem Zein has also performed in several countries including the United States, South America, Brazil, Mexico, the Bahamas, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy.

Recently appointed UNDP Lebanon’s ‘Goodwill Ambassador’, Melhem Zein will perform his favorite hits with his band.


At the age of sixteen, Melhem Zain decided to participate in the “Nujoom Cup”, and won the Muhammad Eid Al-Wahhab Cup.
He submitted to the program “Super Star 1” on Future TV in 2003. Melhem succeeded in occupying third place in the competition after causing a huge uproar among his audience, who considered that Melhem was supposed to occupy the highest rank.

The fans dubbed him “The Rayess”, and made him a star. His first album, “Inta Mishiti”, appeared in 2004, and it is the title of the song and the album, which met with great success. It includes several successful songs, which quickly strengthened Melhem’s position among talents with his first album.

In 2006, Melhem Zain released his second album, “I Want Your Love”, and it consisted of 9 songs, mostly in the Lebanese dialect. In 2007, Melhem produced a song called “Mmnounak Ana”. The song reached the highest ranks in many arrangements in the Arab world. Melhem joined Rotana at the beginning of 2008 and then began working on his third album, which was the first produced by Rotana.

At the end of 2012, he released his album, which was a great success, and many songs starred in it, and they were very popular. After that, he released singles and songs from Arabic series and cinematic films. He also participated in the Baalbek Festivals, the Jerash International Festivals, Fuheis in Jordan, the Mawazine Festival in Morocco, Carthage in Tunisia, the Opera House in Egypt, the Damascus International Festival, the Algerian Festivals, and others. He held concerts in his career in all continents, countries and world capitals.

He also released a second album of five songs, produced by Platinum MBC Records, in the summer of 2018.
He received a large number of awards from local and Arab television stations, and from many international and Lebanese festivals and many associations. The artist Melhem Zain is considered one of the most beautiful Arab voices and has unique qualities in his voice and his performance among artists, where the high layers, the melodiousness of his voice, the sadness, and his unique, distinctive and beautiful performance.

  • DATEJul 14, 2023
  • VENUESteps of Bacchus Temple