With Voodoo Cello, French singer, Imany casts a spell on 8 cellos, transforming prominent hits in the history of pop music (from Radiohead to Cat Stevens, as well as the likes of Madonna, Bonnie Tyler, Hozier, t.A.t.u., Ed Sheran, Imagine Dragons…).

Quite naturally, she taps into the combined magic of the strings and of her voice to bewitch her audience and send an empowering message about the magic of female energy. For the past ten years, Imany’s deep voice enchanted all those listening, sung to the beat of tunes tapping into soul, folk and blues repertoires. With the triumph of her two single hits Don’t Be So Shy and You Will Never Know, all the way to the original soundtrack of the film Sous les jupes des filles, Imany has been achieving milestones, all over the world.

After taking a break, to rest from a series of long international tours, Imany is now coming back up on stage to blend the tone of her voice with the warm acoustic sounds of a cello orchestra: a meeting you definitely won’t want to miss!


Nadia Mladjao born 5 April 1979, better known by her stage name Imany is a French pop-soul recording artist of Comorian descent. Her debut album, The Shape of a Broken Heart, which was released in 2011, reached platinum status in France, Greece and triple platinum in Poland.

She was born in Martigues near Marseille, in a family from the Comoros in 1979. Her stage name, Imany means faith in Swahili. She became a model for the Ford Models Europe. She went to the United States for seven years, before coming back to France, when she started her singing career.

In 2008, she began singing. She performed at the Beau Lounge, at the Réservoir, at the Bellevilloise, and at the China Club.
Imany’s first album, The Shape of a Broken Heart, which was named after a drawing she made with closed eyes, contains twelve songs written in English.

Imany produced the soundtrack for the 2014 film French Women by Audrey Dana. In 2016 the Filatov & Karas remix of her song “Don’t Be So Shy” became a Europe-wide hit, topping the charts in Austria, Germany, Poland and Russia.

  • DATEJul 16, 2023
  • VENUESteps of Bacchus Temple